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Quarter Century

Quarter Century

Today I turn 25.  A full quarter of a century.  Five years from #dirtythirty.  And my first question about this year is why doesn't 25 have a hashtag like #dirtythirty?  What does 25 even rhyme with?  #livetwentyfive definitely doesn't sound as soon as #dirtythirty, although I guess it's a benefit to being alive.

Anyway, in all seriousness, 24 was a transition year and I'm 100% ready for 25.  During 24, I moved back home, quit my job, ended a relationship that spanned over 4 years and really started to come into my own.  They say you don't really know shit about shit until about 25, so after changing all of those things about myself I'm ready to start knowing shit.

Things I have learned as well as things I'm unapologetic about as I turn 25. 

  • No is a complete sentence.

I know everyone has heard this time and time again, so much so that it has become a cliche, but it's really true. I don't place myself in any situation where I won't feel comfortable. I don't do anything I don't feel comfortable doing.  I don't go anywhere I don't feel comfortable going.  And if I happen to do so, I'm quick to leave.  I don't anyone an explanation as to why and I'm not only unapologetic, but also adamant about it. 


  • Anyone can get the axe.

It ain't nothing to cut that [expletive] off and cut it, CUT IT, cut it are my daily mantras. It's okay to end relationships with people if they aren't beneficial to your well-being. They can be family, friends, significant others, part time lovers, whatever place they hold in your life, if the relationship is toxic, CUT IT. There's no reason to hold on to someone because of history or to protect their feelings. YOU are the only constant in your life, so at all times, so what's best for you, boo!  Including cutting whomever the hell off.


  • I'm too young to be stressing about ANYTHING.

At 25, I'm old enough to know better and do better and in knowing better, I know I'm too young to put up with anyone's BS. I'm not stressing over a man, a job, petting other people's feelings, none of it. I know it sounds selfish, and maybe it is. But your 20s are your selfish years so OH WHALE (oh well for those of you that don't get the reference). 


  • I enjoy the hell out of being childless.

Not only do I enjoy it, but I want to stay that way for a long time, if not forever. However, I also know that it's okay if I change my mind about that. My enjoyment of being childless extends to anyone I date. At 25 I feel like I'm way too young to settle for a man with kids. I made it to 25 without having any, so anyone I date should have the capacity to make it to whatever age they are without their eggplant bringing life. And yes I'm 100% unapologetic in my belief that dating someone with kids is settling. On my list of things I look for in a man, being childless is extremely close to the top. In fact it's probably number one. 

I can go on and on but I'm sure yall are tired of reading by now.  Help celebrate my birthday by sharing this post and any others that you love.  Take a shot for me.  And visit my Instagram @kissmyelite to see more photos from my 25th birthday shoot!

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