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Which You Are YOU Listening To?

Which You Are YOU Listening To?

I'm going to start this blog with a little bit of a college lesson.  I can't remember if I learned this in psychology, religion or anthropology so I've lumped it all into one.  The short lesson is about the id, the ego and the super ego, which are the three components of the human psyche.

Id is our true selves - the uncoordinated, instinctual part of ourselves.  The ego is the role that has morals, the part of us that listens to both the desires of the id and the super ego.  The super ego is the narcissistic part of us.  The one that does things for pure physical satisfaction.  The reason I gave this lesson will play out more below, even if you don't understand all of these concepts as clearly as I wish I could explain them.

With all of that out of the way, after much reflection, I have decided that my YouTube channel will be no more.  At least not for now.  For some people reading this, this may be a shocker because I have talked about the YouTube channel for so long.  I have tried and tried to work on content.  I put it on my vision board as I did for a lot of the goals I accomplished this year.  However, as soon as I purchased this domain name, I know that this was what I should be doing and not the YouTube channel.  My Id was telling me that writing was my calling not vlogging.  But my super ego continued to push forward.  Meanwhile, my ego told me I could somehow do both.  See the lesson has come in handy already.

When I was preparing to move to Nassau, I thought to myself great, I'll be in a place where I can record more videos.  But now that I'm here, I KNOW that I'm in a place where I can write more blogs.  My id has spoken and I'm definitely listening.  I'm especially listening because I know I'm going to be stretched thin the longer I'm here so I need to focus on what's truly important.

Sometimes your passion isn't you're purpose.  My passion was YouTube (and still is when it comes to watching videos, I just can't produce content any more).  However, I believe my purpose is this site, so I'm going to pour into that.  I've already met multiple people who read my blog, relate to me and are waiting to see what I say next because they're contemplating their next move too.

I'm going to leave the current videos up and feel free to watch them if you'd like.  But as for making more videos, I don't see that happening.  I'm choosing to listen to my id, the true me.  The one that follows her gut.  The one who knows her purpose and pours passion into it.  I'm listening to the true Zina.  Which you are YOU listening to?



I Got Angels All Around Me.  They Keep Me Surrounded.

I Got Angels All Around Me. They Keep Me Surrounded.