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Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

People always say that a woman changes her hair whenever she's going through something and this week really started off rough for me.  

I was going through some money problems, while trying to plan a trip I accidentally booked a non-refundable room that I didn't even want, my car's windshield wipers stopped working just when the rain decided to come down in sheets, a friend and I entered a weird period and I was feeling lonelier than ever since moving to Nassau. To say all of these things were wearing on me would be an understatement. For a short moment I even considered just sitting in my car and crying.  

But I sucked it up and moved on with my day. That is until I got on twitter and saw people talking about hairstyle changes. I've been wanting to change my hair for a while, because I've been quite bored with it lately and that conversation was definitely the catalyst for a hair change.  

For a super long time I've been wanting to dye my hair purple. For a little shorter than that I've been wanting a tapered hair cut with it SUPERRRR short on the back and sides and super long on the top. And recently, I've been wanting a super short, permed hair style that I could wear slicked down a la prime Jada Pinkett. So of course I posted pics of all of those on twitter and the feedback was overwhelmingly to dye it purple and considering that was the change I've wanted the longest, I was like welp makes sense.  

Initially I watched hella YouTube videos on dying your hair purple, thinking I'd just do it or let someone come over and do it for me. I quickly rethought that 1) because I can barely do hair and 2) because my at home dye experiences have always left me wanting more.  

So next I was like okay I need to find a professional. I got a suggestion. Looked them up on Facebook. Loved their color work and called the very next day to set up an appointment.  I wanted her to see my hair beforehand to ensure it could be done. But she had to step out. In any event, the appointment was set and I couldn't punk out. 

In all honesty, by Wednesday I was ready to cancel the appointment. I got scared. I started thinking, what if I have to change jobs, how can I go on interviews with purple hair? By Friday I was nearly physically ill with seconds thoughts. In fact, Friday night I barely slept. But Saturday morning I work up excited to to do it. Nervous as hell, but excited nonetheless. 


When I saw a lot of hair combing out, i was filled with dread like what the hell did I do? But I knew that bleaching and dyeing my hair would lead to some hair loss so I don't know why I freaked out so much.



In the end, I ended up LOVING the change. Bianca at Hairspray is definitely a bad bitch when it comes to coloring. I think I can still get a job if it comes to that. And the color is so damn pretty. I wish it would photograph as pretty as it looks in person and I really don't know what I waited so long for. This was exactly what I needed to change my Nassau life and give myself a kick in the butt. I'd like to think that when a girl changes her hair dramatically, she's ready to level up in life, so I'm ready to see what the next level has for me.  


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