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Money Baby, Money Baby, Money Baby

Money Baby, Money Baby, Money Baby

I have talked about money and money conversations countless times on this blog, but it still applies, so here I go again. If this is your stop, feel free to carry on. Money conversations have been super important to me in the last few years as I truly begin to navigate the world of adulting. It was and continues to be a pretty big goal and item on my vision board to have open and honest conversations about money so I can know if I’m adequately positioned in the local economy. I often think I’m cheating myself financially when asked the “make an offer” question and I’d like to know for sure so I can up my bargaining skills if I must.  

Lately, I have been a lot more open when it comes to discussing my annual salary (not quite with people in my field or similar fields yet but I’m getting there) and I have been hearing about the salaries of others and I truly think we’re doing ourselves a huge disservice by continuing to be as hush hush about our professional financial standing. I can know what I’ve historically been offered and know what I think I’m worth and even vaguely know the market by looking at help wanted ads, however, I think that knowing what others make in your field can help you make more informed choices when it comes to salary negotiations. 

While I think these conversations are extremely important and I’m starting to having them in personal spaces, for the most part we still aren’t having them openly or outside of pointed conversations between only two people. And when it is happening openly, people aren’t necessarily being truthful. I think when I hosted anonymous polls on twitter regarding salary and salary negotiations, that people were likely being honest because of anonymity but richer conversations still need to be held. People will agree that these conversations need to take place but when I ask for participation in a money diary or anything beyond an anonymous poll, I get crickets. 

Nevertheless, in the vein of transparency, I’ll at least share the weekly spending portion of the money diary I did a while back and hopefully that will spur some renewed interest and participation. If you would like to participate you can comment below, shoot me a DM on Twitter or email ayetozeemoneydiaries@gmail.com for the template and more information. In the meantime I’ll work on a more updated one that I will share if/when I get some actual submissions.  

If you have read this far you’re a gem and I truly appreciate you. 

Zina’s 6 Days of Spending

(I just noticed I didn’t even complete the full 7 days but I’ll assume it was a Sunday and I didn’t spend anything) 


 Day 1

8:07 - I hit snooze on my alarm at least 4 times this morning. But I’m finally up and dressed and I’m going to attempt to make breakfast even though I have to leave the house at 8:15.

8:07 - breakfast is a success and I have a couple minutes before I have to leave so I sit and enjoy it. I decide I’ll stop for orange juice on the way to work if I have time. If not, I’ll make tea at work.

8:30 - I have time so I stop for the juice ($2.02). When I get back to my car it takes a couple tries to start it. I make a mental note to get a new battery on my lunch break because my car has been doing that a lot when I make super short stops and I rather get the battery now before I end up assed out. My dad gave me this battery charger so I won’t need jumps from people but I can’t remember if it’s in my car or in my house so new battery it is.

1:55pm - I’m on my lunch break and thankfully I brought some beef stir fry and white rice for lunch so I don’t have to spend any money. However I’m on my way to get the new car battery. ($113.75) I also stop to get a Gatorade before heading back to work. ($2.35)

6:00pm - My friend and I were supposed to get together to cook but they have to work late and I’m exhausted from the day I had so we reschedule and I make breakfast for dinner instead.

Daily total: $118.12

Day 2

8:30am - I was in no mood to cook breakfast so I stop at Dunkin Donuts and get a bacon, egg and cheese bagel and iced tea. Their breakfast is expensive in my opinion but it tastes good and doesn’t make me feel sick like other fast food places so I pay the price and keep it moving. ($7.83) I’m a little annoyed though since I didn’t cook last night means I’ll also have to buy lunch later.

2:01 - I’m feeling for a zinger so I go to KFC. I also end up getting an Apple turnover and root beer. My total comes up to a whole $11.87. I really gotta start cooking at home because that is a lot for fast food for ONE person.

5:25 - I’m meeting up with someone after work (date-ish?) and I arrive early so I buy a bag of guineps ($2) and sit in my car and browse twitter until they arrive. I end up having amazing conversation with the person I went to meet and end up going home way later than I anticipated. They paid for the drinks.

Daily Total: $21.70

Day 3

7:48am - today is going to be another double food buying day because I got home too late to cook anything for lunch and I need to go to the food store for breakfast items. I’m up early enough to make the stop anywhere along my route but idk what I’m feeling for.

8:32 - I go with Dunkin Donuts again and get the same thing but add a donut today. ($9.34)

9:15 - A girl at my job makes natural hair care products and I’ve been hounding her for a while for a whipped shea butter and she calls me to tell me she has it. ($12)

2:15 - I can’t decide what I want for lunch so I decide to go to the mall food court and make a decision there. I decide on the cheesesteak place, wait on the long ass line then after I place my order they tell me they’re not accepting cards at the moment. I go to subway instead and get a boring sandwich. ($6.16). I’m so annoyed with that card thing I decide I’ll also treat myself to a Cinnabon since I’m already here and my lunch is boring. $4.69

5:24 - I stop for gas on my way home. My normal fill up day has been thrown off ever since I took a trip a couple weeks ago now midweek fills seem to be the norm. ($30.60)

6:39 - I made some conditioner for my hair and want to cook something tonight so I won’t have to buy lunch but cooking while trying to wash my hair is ambitious.

7:21 - I decide to cook salmon and rice for tomorrow. I usually don’t like to take seafood to work but people have certainly done it before so what the hell. It’s quick and easy. Just as I’m about to turn on the stove for my rice I notice weevils are in the rice. Cooking for tomorrow is canceled.

Daily Total: $62.79


Day 4

8:23 - I’ve been up off and on since 5:30 this morning so today is about to be long. My stomach is literally burning so unfortunately I’ll definitely have to make a breakfast stop. Make a quick stop at Burger King. Get a ham, egg and cheese croissant combo with orange juice. $6.36

11:02 - between the lack of sleep and the Burger King my stomach is doing a number on me. I wanna just go home and lay down but I have to prepare an advanced budget by the end of the day. And doing money related things make me cringe so I rather get it done ASAP.

1:35 - I’m completely exhausted so I decide to take lunch so I can take a nap in my car. The nap doesn’t really work out so I decide to buy some fruits and an oh Henry so I won’t get hungry before 5 because I don’t really have any appetite since I’m so tired. Solomon’s Fresh Market has cherries again so I get some - to hell with the price and 3 oh Henrys $26.25

2:42 - I’m eating one of the oh Henrys hoping it will wake me up because now I have a quick but last minute meeting at 3.

8:05 - I get up after laying around for a couple hours because my stomach is growling. I make the salmon I was going to make yesterday and have for dinner while watching Shahs of Sunset.

Daily Total: $32.61


Day 5

8:30 - I really intended on making breakfast today but I woke up super late and took longer than usual to get ready. Unfortunately I have to to a ride along for work today so going hungry is not an option so I make another Dunkin Donuts stop. One thing that doing this has made me see is how much I really spend on food. ($7.83)

10:15 - I’m still waiting on everyone to be ready for this ride along so I watch videos on YouTube and eat one of my Oh Henrys from yesterday just to keep my mind busy.

1:55 - I end up leaving for lunch later than usual because I was really into what I was doing. I’m hungry but I’m not sure what I want but I leave just because it’s later than my usual and I have to go before someone else on my team does so that all of us aren’t out at the same time. I decide I’ll just get Wendy’s since it’s quick and easy. I get a spicy chicken sandwich by itself and a frozen strawberry lemonade. It costs me $10.03 and I didn’t even get fries.

5:03 - I made a nail appointment for 5:30 to use up a gift certificate I got from my job so I’m rushing out the door to make it in time. I get there at 5:15 and with the gift certificate and a flash sale they’re having, my portion comes to $39. Mani pedis are really expensive at this place but I wanted to treat myself one final time for the month.

7:45 - I stop to the ATM for cash on my way home because I’m down to my last dollar in cash and I have a wax appointment in the morning and want to be able to leave a tip.

10 - I eat the last Oh Henry for dinner because I’m tired and lazy and don’t want to cook or spend anymore money.

1:31am - for some reason I’m still awake watching City Girls vídeos on YouTube even though I know I have to be up by 9.

Daily Total: $56.86


Day 6

7:30am - even though I was up super late I’m surprisingly awake already. I watch videos on YouTube and scroll twitter and Instagram until I have to actually get up and get ready.

10 - Go in for my wax appointment. It seems like they may have reduced their prices a bit because my total comes to $50.40 which is less than last time. And the ATM gave me 2 $50 bills so I still can’t tip the girl because I have no other change. I’ll just remember to double tip her next time. They give me a members card for discounts and I make my next appointment.

10:45 - I want to go to the grocery store before I head back home but I’m super hungry and it’s not good to grocery shop when you’re hungry because you buy things you don’t need. I look up restaurants nearby but all I like are closed so I try this place I went to once before on a work trip. As soon as I start eating I start feeling nauseous so I don’t end up eating that much. Also I asked for a straw for my juice and the lady says they don’t carry straws even though I can see a cup full of wrapped straws. I just pay my bill and leave. $12.96

11:30 - I made a short list through the week of things I needed/wanted and ended up picking up a few extra things as usual. I get a simply strawberry lemonade, orange juice, steaks, olive oil, milk, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, pads, eggs, butter, blackberries, raspberries, grape soda, goombay soda and rice. The total is $98.91. I’m so sick of going to the grocery store. But I eat out a lot and I should try to balance it more.

4:00 - I been having a lazy day since I got home and I’m finally feeling hungry so I decide to make spinach dip since I’ve been craving it for a while now.

Daily Total: $162.27

Weekly Total: $454.35


Once again, if you’ve read this far you’re a gem and I truly appreciate you. If this encourages you to participate, please feel free to contact me. If this encouraged you to shame my spending habits, please feel free to do that as well - as long as you’re also sending me how you spent your money for a week. And if there’s other money conversations you think I should be having as well, I’m open to that too. 



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